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Started by Oldfart9999, April 12, 2019, 06:23:21 AM

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For all you who trailer there is a 30 second check that will tell you if there is a problem before it becomes a major expense. When you trailer to a ramp at you gas stops and when you get to the ramp and back home get out of the truck and walk up to the trailer wheels and touch the tires and hubs , if they're hot you have an impending breakdown and things need to be checked. It'll tell you a problem is there but it's up to you to then have everything gone through, it could be low tire pressure or a bearing getting ready to die, even an alignment problem. It's just too easy to not do it so save yourself some grief.
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Good tip and reminder Rodney. I travel quite long distances with my boat and trailer and always check the hub and tyre temperatures each time I stop.
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Great tip.  So quick and easy and still most people don't do this.  Not only on boat trailers but all kinds of trailers.
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This is a good tip.  Like BassinKorea,  I travel long distances quite regularly,  so this is of the utmost in importance for me.  I have done this for years and if you find a hub that is much warmer than the others,  it gives you the opportunity to get somewhere where you can fix it more safely or to have it done before it goes south on you.

To add to this,  Harbor Freight has an infrared termometer for $15 bucks that works well for this.  Keep it in your truck and when you get out,  walk around the trailer and measure the temperature of your tires and hubs.  Takes 60 seconds to see what the temp is on all four hubs and all four tires. 



Thanks for the reminder.
I've been known to travel halfway across this country. Truck and trailer get a major going over before each trip.
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I will have to remember this we John and I make the 8 hour trip up to the Detroit River to go white bass fishing in a couple of weeks.

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Great tip. This is something I do all the time but never think of it as a tip!!! Thank you for posting. ~c~ ~c~

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I have done this for 20 years as soon as I get back home with the rig.  I always touch the rims to feel for heat.  I have done this since a friend lost a wheel while driving at highway speed.  I also have a schedule for greasing the bearings.
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