Making your own buoy marker (to be used when no one else if fishing nearby...)

Started by saltystick, May 19, 2019, 10:38:18 AM

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I forget to take buoy markers off the lake at least once a year and their always gone when I return. They aint cheap! So I happened to be at the dollar store and noticed those long foam tubes kids play with in the pool. Since they float fine, I cut a 6" length of tubing, wrap it with some fluorescent duck tape over some large screws (to keep it from rolling and releasing more line to the sinker when windy) and add 30' of 50# test braid I never use and 1 oz. sinker. Works like a charm and if I forget it, no big deal !


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I pretty much rely on my graphs and waypoints these days.

I used to use Mountain Dew or 7-up bottles.  I'd stuff them full of old line and use weights, a large bolt, even a small rock as weight.  It was pretty stealthy.
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I scrapped around the shop and cut some 1" closed cell foam into an H and put tape in the middle with some trotline staging and a big weight. Then I saw wallyworld was selling the orange ones in a 2pk for $5 and some change.  ~b~