Make a topwater lure using a tablespoon for a mold

Started by saltystick, May 19, 2019, 10:45:50 AM

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When I got into pouring soft plastics using molds, I would stir the hot plastic to get rid of clumps. I noticed the film on the spoon and thought, why not use it as a mold?

To build thickness at the front of the lure, I dipped it a few times in hot plastic and then added the tails made from pouring hot plastic down a floor tile, cutting the shapes and using a candle flame.

Silicone skirt material like used for skirted jigs can also be used and secured by adding a bit of superglue to keep it attached.

The lure produces a great topwater wake and swishing bass clobber !


Neat way to use all those ruined soft plastic baits found in the bottom of the boat. ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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Thanks Rodney. No reason to keep ideas secret when they can help fellow anglers.