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LOZ, 6-7

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D.W. Verts

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Maybe the best fishin' in MO right now, due tot he steady current generation, and more importantly the stained water.

Water temps are around 80, water visibility is mostly under two feet, and you can catch 'em however you want. Seriously- I went out yesterday mostly to break in my new powerhead and check out my jackplate settings, with intentions to fish very little.


I ran several miles before running into the back of a creek to piddle a while and let the motor cool down, and I was there for an hour and-a-half, catchin' fish on shallow docks swimming a jig. It's at least two weeks late for that bite, but there's still some there.

I never made it to the main lake where the REAL bite is, and still caught 14-15 keepers in maybe three hours of fishin' on a swim jig, and pitchin' a jig on a bluff near the ramp. There I caught maybe thirty bass in an hour, with every fourth one or so being a keeper. No big bass, but it was cool.

Find a main lake point, and you can catch 'em on almost everything. For me next week it'll probably mostly be a crankbait, them follow up with a jig or worm. The bite is from fairly shallow to 20 feet or so.

And I'll probably fish another flat in a creek with a swim jig, 'cuz it's just fun. Peace.
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Donald Garner

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Dale, tks for sharing the trip and information with us.  Glad to see ya back on the water and here at UltimateBass  ;)
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Appreciate the report Dale, thank you.  ~beer~

Mike Cork

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Thanks for the report. Great that you got out on the water. No story about the motor blowing so I reckon all went good there :-*
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Nice to see someone is catching something in MO :)

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