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Waccamaw River Fishing Report July 19th 2019

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Bud Kennedy

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From the Sun News

Fresh Water

Look For: Bream, crappie, catfish, bass.

Comments: “Fishing in general, even though it’s been hot as the dickens, seems to be better and better for the people that are going and toughing it out in the heat,” said Ronald “Catfish” Stalvey of Stalvey’s Bait and Tackle in Conway. “Normally right now (this time of year) it’s good but not that good.” Bream fishing in particular has been very good. “It’s taking people an average of two hours to get their limit of bream, I’m talking nice, nice bream,” said Stalvey. “The Little Pee Dee and big Pee Dee have the best quality of bream. They’re catching them around mouths of creeks 2-4 feet deep on crickets.” Stalvey is also surprised at the quality of bass action in the heat of summer. “The bass are still good on topwater, but more on Zoom trick worms and Texas-rigged worms,” said Stalvey. “Any kind of u-tail worm, Senko or craw in deep curves and ditch mouths. If you’re fishing shallower, use the Zoom trick worm, let it sink, twitch it and hang on tight.” Stalvey said catfish action is good on live bream and cut eels.

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Appreciate the local report Bud. Thank you for sharing.

Mike Cork

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Thanks for the deets.... I wish I could find some of the big bream around here  :-*
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