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16 Pound Georgia Bass - Repost from GON Outdoors Magazine

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Lady Catches 16 Pound Georgia Bass


Telfair County, Georgia — home of the world-record George Perry bass and the Georgia state record non-typical buck. Decades of unsurpassed fishing and hunting. Surely this must be some of the most fertile waters and woodlands in the state. Now, for the most recent outdoor milestone.

Enter a South Georgia country gal nick-named “Lil Bit,” a summer morning in a Telfair County farm pond, and a junebug-colored Culprit plastic worm. All the ingredients for an old-school “just another trip to the pond” outing, yet this one would end in a historical catch that would resonate across the state among fishing circles.

On July 2, Kristen Peterson, of Jacksonville, Ga., a mother of seven, took off with her husband, Douglas, to a private Telfair County private pond. Douglas was working the bank, but the boat’s positioning prevented Kristen from casting toward the shoreline.

“I was fussing at Douglas because he was hogging the bank, so I turned around and threw out into open water,” Kristen said.

On her third cast with a junebug-colored Culprit worm with just 8-lb. test line, she felt a pull and set the hook. She felt the weight of the fish, and then suddenly her line seemed slack. She thought the fish got off… until the giant bass surfaced.
Her husband shouted, “It’s a 15-lb. bass!”
Kristen screamed, “Don’t let it get away! If you do, I’m going to push you in!”
Thankfully, Douglas soon had the giant bass lipped and pulled into the boat. They were in shock at the size of the bass and took a while to gather themselves. Using a set of spring scales, the bass dropped the needle to the 16-lb. mark.
“I knew I didn’t have anything close to the (world) record, so I released it. I didn’t want to kill it. I also released a 14-pounder three weeks ago,” said Kristen.

Kristen Peterson, aka “Lil Bit,” with a 16-lb. bass she caught in Telfair County.
Very commendable, I say. The fish is still alive for another day, perhaps on a future date, even larger! I’m sure Kristen and Douglas will still be enjoying many more days in that pond fishing. Maybe they will meet that bass again. I wonder, who will be bank-beating that day?
In closing, her Facebook page profile states, “I am the mother of 7! I love bass fishing, it is my peace from these kids, lol.”  Love it!

Had Kristen weighed her bass on certified scales and it weighed 16 pounds, it would have ranked at No. 18 on GON’s Georgia’s Biggest Bass Of All-Time list.


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love that folks are putting 'fish of a lifetime' back.  it's a choice either way.

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Congrats to her on a life time catch  ~c~
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Junebug culprit. Yep. It’s a winner!

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What a tank of a bass, that's a bass many won't see but she gave it a chance. Not sure how many have access to that pond but I bet those that do will be fishing it...

Congrats Lil' Bit.
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Congrats on a great catch!!! You guys better hope she doesn't start fishing IBASS. lo lo ;)
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