Hair Jig Tying! Never Gets Old!

Started by bigjim5589, August 19, 2019, 08:27:31 PM

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With the extreme hot weather we've been having here in SC, and other areas, I haven't been inclined to stay outdoors for very long these days, so spent some time tying hair jigs and marabou jigs! Of course, it's something that I do enjoy doing!   :)

Here's a few. The first are 1/8 oz, on Pill Heads with fiber weed guards. They're tied with natural black bear hair. These all have a 1/0 VMC Barbarian hook. This is 12 of 16 that I tied. They're all 2 3/4" to 3" long.

The second is a black marabou jig, tied on a 1/4 oz round head jig with VMC 2/0 Barbarian hooks.  I tied a couple of dozen of these as well.  ;D
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Mike Cork

Looks great. I wish I had the room to play with tackle building. I know it can take over your life though LOL we used to pour plastics when we were out west and it seemed like I always had a new idea to make :-*

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Jim, good looking as always. I haven't tied any hair in while, maybe this winter, I want to try some wormhead jigs with hair.
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Thanks for the comments everyone!  :)

Mike, I don't ever seem to have enough room either. I got another mold the other day, that makes a total of 337 and I'll likely add more. Heck, I would like to get into pouring plastic baits, but what I'm doing now is keeping me busy, so not sure I would have the time for that much less the room anyway.   lo

Since I posted this, I've tied a few dozen more of the same.  ;)

Rodney, if I waited until winter, I would be bored to death. As I said, it's been real hot here, so any pouring I'm doing has been in the early morning, then I usually wait until the Sun has gone on the other side of the house to get out there & paint them. So, been tying some during the day and in the evening.

Once the weather starts to cool down, I'll get out & do some fishing too.  ;D

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Great work as always JIm   ~c~

I've been wanting to throw hair jigs for some time, and want to even tie some up, but as always, just never get around to it.
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