We Need Your Input on Outdoor Recreation

Started by Smallie_Stalker, August 29, 2019, 03:13:25 PM

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Excerpted From The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Newsletter - August 28, 2019

Online Survey for Input on Outdoor Recreation in Vermont
Survey will be available online until September 9

Take the survey here.

We hope that as a wildlife enthusiast in Vermont you will take the time to help inform the state's understanding of how Vermonter's participate in outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation, defined broadly, includes all of the issues that we care deeply about from hunting to hiking to bird watching. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department staff helped to shape this survey to ensure your interests were captured so now it is important to participate so the whole story can be told. By doing so, we can ensure your interests will be reflected when funding is applied on the ground to conserve and steward the special places in Vermont where we like to hunt, fish and wildlife watch.

Jane Lazorchak, Land Acquisition Coordinator
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

To receive a paper copy of the survey, call 802-598-4551 or email [Please enable JavaScript to see this content].

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