Grand lake in October

Started by Phoenix920proxp, September 27, 2019, 12:41:31 PM

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Heading down late october to Grand lake. Anyone have any info on this time of year? What I need to look for section of lake? Average water temp? Clearity? Not looking for spots just general area/info.
Thank for the help


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Mike Cork

I've fished there a couple times in October. Lots goes into determining which section to fish, weather, previous weather, water level....

I like the mid lake area, it offers all the structure you'd need to put patterns together and all the cover you need if your a power fisherman.

Seems like every tournament I've fished there in the fall is won in the south end of the lake. The water is clear and the top water bite can be awesome. Spooks on points can put five very nice bass in the livewell. It won't happen quickly but if you stick with it you can do well.

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I'm fishing there October 10 - 13. First time fishing this lake. I was there about 8 years ago pleasure boating  - nice lake.


I grew up fishing that lake, but that was a LOOOONG time ago.  My son has a place there now.  You can always catch fish off the points. 


Thank you guys I appreciate it and will post details after I go there!