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2020 Bassmaster Classic Pick the Winner Contest!!!

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Check this out!

The thread to respond to is on the contests board.

Good luck to all who wanna throw their hat in the ring.

2020  Bassmaster Classic Pick the Winner Contest

Okay it's that time of year again. The Bassmaster Classic is coming. Time to guess the winning weight of the BASSMASTER CLASSIC and win some baits and a Dobyns Rod!!!

This is the OFFICIAL THREAD.  Please ONLY post your guess in this thread. Just entries please.

2020 Bassmaster Classic – Lake Guntersville 6-8 March 2020

Do your research to determine what you think the winning weight might be. Remember, this is a three-day event (not four like the regular season). So only 3 days of 5 bass limits (15) Lake Guntersville Bass. 

--- Lots of rain lately and more is forecast, it’s been an unusually warm winter…

Here's how the contest works:
You make your guess of what the winning weight will be in LBS / OZ for this year’s BASSMASTER CLASSIC and you wager a bait as an entry fee. By playing, you agree to mail the bait directly to the winner. The winner is the person guessing closest to the winning weight without going over.

Dobyns Rod Bonus: Guess the winning Angler

- If a person can guess the angler that wins the classic and the exact weight (in pounds and ounces) Gary will give that person an Xtasy rod ($549.99 value)  :o :o :o

- If no one guesses the Bassmaster Classic winning angler and the winning weight, then it falls to the person who guesses the winning angler and is closest to the winning weight without going over. But the prize drops to a Champion Series.

- If no one guesses the winning angler, then it falls to the angler who guesses closest to the winning weight without going over, Gary will provide that person a Sierra Series rod.

Lipripper or a board moderator, will summarize the guesses periodically. Edited wagers will be disqualified. This is a fun game for all to play honestly and fairly.

The contest closes 4 am EST March 6th (just prior to the day one launch). The contest will be decided when they crown the Classic Champ on March 8th. There will be NO accommodations or adjustments for fog delays or full days cancelled by weather, high water, etc. Or if the venue gets changed to a different body of water. The winning weight is the winning weight, as published by B.A.S.S. If it goes to a sudden death fish off and the winner is declared by catching the first fish, the winning weight is the weight posted on for the final results for everyone to view.

So again, this thread is the Official Contest Thread where you should post your guess. 


Make your guesses like this:   

Example: (this is not my guess)
57 pounds 13 ounce - Rick Clunn - Mike Cork - Mr. Twister Buzz Bugs

Tip - you can't have 16 oz (16oz equals 1 lb) ,  so its  LBS / 1-15 oz

Good Luck !
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