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WDFW Fishing Rule Change: Hatchery steelhead season extended on Salmon Creek (Cl

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
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March 10, 2020

Hatchery steelhead season extended on Salmon Creek (Clark Co.)

Action: Opens angling for and retention of hatchery steelhead; selective gear rules in effect, except barbed hooks are allowed.

Effective date: March 16 through May 22, 2020

Species affected: Hatchery steelhead

Location: From the mouth to the 182nd Avenue Bridge

Reason for action: Recent changes to hatchery steelhead releases in Salmon Creek, from the Mitchell Act Biological Opinion, have resulted in the replacement of the "early" returning winter steelhead stock with a stock that exhibits a somewhat later run timing. This rule opens hatchery steelhead fishing during the timeframe outlined above and provides anglers with additional time to harvest these fish from Salmon Creek.

Additional information: The hatchery steelhead daily limit during this period is 3 fish; minimum size 20". Anglers are reminded that selective gear rules are in effect during this period except barbed hooks are allowed; selective gear rules are defined in the 2019-2020 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet. Salmon Creek will return to permanent rules on May 23, 2020.

Information contact: Matt Gardner, district fish biologist, 360-906-6746.
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