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Started by geneinnc, March 22, 2020, 01:04:11 PM

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My wife is an RN and she asked me how old the tiny plastic first aid kit was. I just lowered my head. We went over everything available and chose this one: 

Here's what you get:


PBD Bandage (2)
Large First Aid Bandage (2)
Crepe Bandage (2)
Non-woven Tape (1)
Non-woven Triangle Bandage (1)
Non-woven Pad (1)
Wound Burn Dressing (large) (1)
Wound Burn Dressing (small) (1)
Non-woven Dressing Bandage (4)
Eye Pad (4)
Adhesive Bandage (large) (20)
Adhesive Bandage (medium) (20)
Adhesive Bandage (small) (20)
Adhesive Bandage (round) (25)
Scissors (1)
PVC Gloves (2)
Metal Tweezers (1)
Emergency Blanket (1)
Safety Pin (10)
Notebook (1)
Pencil (1)
Antiseptic Cleaning Wipe (20)
Instant Ice Pack (1)
Mouth to Mouth Mask (1)
Gauze Pad (5)
Cooling Patch (2)
Cotton Elastic Bandage (1)
Alcohol Pad (20)
Non-adherent Pad (20)
Cotton Buds (40)
Emergency Whistle (1)
Cotton Balls (50)

Overkill? Maybe until you need it.

We did not stop their. They tell you there is no medication. Some additions:

Burn creme
Eye drops
RX: One of everything in case you forget to take it.

I'm sure there are more and we seem to ad something we missed.

It comes in a nylon bag with plenty of extra room to ad the above. The kit is in a large plastic bag.

The best part? $30 for everything save the medications you ad.

I hope that helps!

It has been used 4 times already on my boat.

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