Panfishing Anyone?

Started by bigjim5589, March 27, 2020, 01:36:03 PM

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With this virus going on, I've spent some time planting seeds to get my garden going, and tied up some panfish jigs.  ;D

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I enjoy panfishing. I try to always keep a panfish setup with me in case the bass aren't biting what I'm throwing.

Sometimes on some of the small ponds I fish I'll fish for panfish first as a search method to find bass. If the gills and crappie are the main forage and I can find them then the bass have to be close by.  :-*

The jigs look great as usual.  ;PEP)
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Thanks Smallie! I did that too a lot back in MD in the tidal creeks when the bass were not as cooperative. I fished with fly gear or ultralights and many times for the panfish and caught bass on that smaller stuff also. I'll never mind catching a mixed bag!  lo
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Nice looking panfish jigs Jim.  8)

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Mike Cork

That is some amazing looking stuff. I'm gonna have to get with you next fall when the crappie fishing gets hot and heavy here. :-*

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Nice looking jigs Jim!!! ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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Great looking jigs! I never leave for a day without some panfish lures in my tacklebox!

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Looks great! Panfish are always fun to catch, no matter how old you get.

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Great work as always Jim. My boy is interested in fishing for bluegill.
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