Well Guys I Pulled The Trigger

Started by Rangerman, May 10, 2020, 07:45:03 AM

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 lo on the new Mercury V8 250 Four Stroke.  Hopefully will be in the next 10 days and adding the Atlas 10" Hydo Jack.  Now running a 8" Slide Master.  Looking forward to busting it loose after 10 very long hours of break in.  Current running 24 Fury 4 on my Opti 2 stroke, and back up of 24 Fury 3.  About sure these props will work hook up on the new motor. Ranger puts Fury 23 3's on em from the factory.  I'll just wait an see.  For the records the Fury 24 3 is the faster of the two props running 68-71 depending on the load and wind.  Now the Fury 24-4 has a little faster hole shot, better bottom and mid range. Believe it or not is faster with more lift fishing single and top end was 72+ points.  That goes against all I ever knew due to 4 blades are a little slower but better climbing power in ruff water, cut back on Yaw and smoother ride.  The 4 blade 24 for gets against the Rev limiter at 6100, the Three blade runs 58-5900 rmp. Will give y'all a report once I get it hung and broke in.  Not expecting much if any more speed just wanted to upgrade to the new V8 Mercury.Anglers Choice and Sandi got me again lo lo Been getting the good feeling for 50 years running Rangers and High Winding Mercurys.  Love setting em up and dialing em in and still looking for zero slip factor which is impossible.  Most time get it from 5-7% ::)

Bud Kennedy

Well Boots this is a bit of a surprise.  What was your reason to make the change at this time?


No reason really, other than my Mercury Extended Warranty runs out next year got the top to prop 7 year from AC when purchased.  I have heard nothing but good things about the New V8 250 four stroke as far as hole shot and how STRONG they were.  I made and offer on complete new rig with swap, and numbers would not work.  So I worked out a trade with Sandi for new motor. Anybody looking for a great Mercury Pro XS 250 with only 210 hours with another year of top to Prop best give Sandi a call and Anglers Choice. Guys I most likely have a 8" Slidemaster Jack for sale.  As most that know me I got lots of spare parts for Ranger Trail hubs with rotors, Spark Plugs etc.  Will be dealing. However I will most likely work out a trade with AC when I hang new Merc.  Now this is my thinking lo  If I popped the Mercury out of warranty it is going to cost 6-8K to build, I swapped for a little more ~b~ :shocking: ::) lo lo and will have new motor.
I hate to say it but an old Mercury hard core like me loves the smell or outboard motor oil in the morning the the high pitch wine of a Mercury turn 6000 Plus. lo Man when I heard that new Mercury V8 crank sounded like Dale Earnhardts #3 lo lo I was hooked , set and drag  , set the hook  and put in the live well. You would not want to loan me a few buck would Bud lo lo lo