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83 ranger 350v instrument cluster

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Hey y’all, so I just bought a 1983 ranger that everything has been redone except for the instrument cluster. None of them work, including the fuel gauge and tac. The switches for the running lights, bilge, and aerator all work. He took out the original ignition and put in a remote starter and throttle. Would it be ok to take out the wires connected to the gauges and just completely redo them all? I figured they used to turn on when the ignition was turned on, now the old ignition is useless so how do I get it attached to the remote starter? There’s also a ton in the rear of the boat that look to be connected to nothing.  All that is connected to the battery right now is the motor, trim, and trolling motor on the other battery. The motor on it is a 03 Yamaha 4 stroke, so I have no idea where to start with rewiring the gauges or anything. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Would it be possible to put a regular ignition switch in? I just bought one for my boat via amazon. Being the motor is much newer it would see that you could find an switch and then rewire everything like it's supposed to be.

Another option would be a power block. You can get a circuit block and power it through a switch. Then you can get your gauges power through it versus the ignition switch.

Tach has to be connected to the stator on the motor
Water Pressure is a direct water line to the motor and doesn't have to have power
Trim is a position sensor on the motor usually near the manual motor lock
Speed is usually a water line and doesn't have to have power

non power gauges use power for back lighting.

I don't remember what all was on an 83'

So yes you could re wire it pretty easy. As far as all the loose wires in the back? That's going to be hard to figure out.

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