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Anyone Familiar with the SK1700

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Hey folks!

I've got an 89 SK1700 (skeetr obviously) that I'm struggling a bit with.  Before I go into a long winded message... Anyone familiar with them an setting it up?

This thing plows.  Badly.  2 guys and full livewells We need to lean forward onto the console for it to roll over and get onto plane.  (empty wells it's fine, alone with full wells it's fine, 8" Jackplate it won't get up)

I'm running a Hydrofoil and I'm down to a 19P prop.  It has gotten up with a 21, but I get the same top speed. (Somehow... I got it up with a 23P 4 blade once, on a rough day and got 53 out of it, but haven't been able to get up on plane with that since)

I'm running a 150hp Johnson Crossflow. (3.544 bore with Weisco Pistons, 1 5/16 carbs, electric fuel pump  that is 73gph at 4-7psi, Solid core plug wires, 4 degrees timing at idle 26 at WOT, newer timer base, 35amp stator, Boysen reeds.  Spark jumps 9/16 gap and at 3000rpm at the ramp in gear all 6 cylinders will zap the HE!! out of you even with insulated pliars, Compression 105 on all 6... i've been through a few things on this motor)

Bud Kennedy

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Man oh Man.  You got quite a hodge podge there.  My first impression is that you are not propped correctly for this motor.  Kind of hard to offer any advice without knowing some of your other performance numbers to help us understand more completely.

Would be helpful to know what your RPM numbers are at WOT just as a reference point.  Then it would also help to know what is your Prop to Pad measurement to see if your motor is at a logical operating height.  The numbers you mentioned with the 4 blade MPH were more like what would be expected or perhaps even a little more.  A correct set up on your boat should yield 58-62 mph easily. 

At a minimum if you could provide the additional information it certainly would be helpful to allow for some ideas or further recommendations.  The plowing your reference is often an indication of a motor being too deep or incorrect prop selection.   If you have a water pressure guage it would also be interesting to hear what reading you are getting.