Louisianian at Broken Bow!!!

Started by Fozzieburns, July 06, 2020, 09:22:38 PM

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Hey guy's I'm going to be at Broken Bow for a few days later this month.
My main goal while there will be to catch a Small mouth. I've never caught
one and have never been on Broken Bow any tips would be very appreciated!!!
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Mike Cork

I've not been on Broken Bow but I've caught a lot of smallmouth. If you don't find some solid information specific to Broken Bow go with the gold standard. Bright colored top water early but don't put it down forever. If the water has some clarity to it, smallies will climb from 20 feet to smash a topwater.

After the morning bite look to crankbaits, again with bright colors, chartreuses or oranges work great. Keep in mind these colors are smallmouth specific. If you want to catch anything that swims, to include smallies, your normal crawfish color cranks will work.

Hopefully you don't have to slow down to plastics but all isn't lost. Shakey heads on rocky points or steep banks. Think crawfish.

Smallmouth will eat shad and minnows like any other species but they are really rock prowlers...

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Thanks Mike, Ill have to make a tackle order for sure.
I'll make a report my success or fails.
I'll be there the 23rd 24th and 25th.


Look up lakeforkguy on youtube, he was just there fishing for smallmouth &
you can see what he did and where.
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