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SJHT D.O.D Lake Club Results Sat. 07-11-2020

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Place: D.O.D. LAKE, Pedericktown, NJ
Date: Sat. July 11, 2020
Time: 5:30am-1:30pm
Weather: Warm and Humide 75 degrees morning start warming up to a pseudo hot 92 Degrees with overcast Skies, a hint of a passing storm front with a little wind.   
Water Temps: Steady 80.0 Degrees up to 83 Degrees in main body
Water Clarity: About 2.5' down.
Wind Gust: 10-15 MPH
Best Lure:  Finesse plastic baits, spinnerbaits, & crankbaits
Depths fished: 3'~5'
Limit: 3 Bass 

Round 4 of the SJHT 2020 Season with a slight change in original fishing venue due to the shut down of some WMAs bodies of waters.

Yes...D.O.D Lake replaced Assunpink Lake leading up to this weekends Tournament.
Nothing picture worthy of the
Lets GO!!!

Saturday, SJHT had 14 members came out to do battle on our 4th official tournament of the 2020 season.  This tournament was not original planned for till our August 2020 swing but given makes ice cream.  LOL!

Having our sights originally planned for the PINK, anglers were not too happy with the change of venue but with the short notice and other bodies of water already selected\taken, we didn't want to say venture up more Northward and say fish Carnegie or Mercer and have another unaffialiated SJBCA club fishing there and causing an issue.

D.O.D. Lake  provided the typical cookie cutter size bass.  No Snakeheads but a Whopping 10.56lb Tiger Muskie was caught on this day.

Without further adieu, please give a big congrats and shout outs to this weeks winner Mike *Every Dog has his day* Del Monico for 1st place and Lunker with 3 Bass going 9.50lbs. Mike's lunker went 3.94lbs.  Brian M. took 2nd Place with 3 Bass going 4.10lbs after a 1lb penalty for 2 dead fish3rd Place was won by Dennis *Jiggen Den* T.  with 3 Bass going 3.76lbsMiscelleneous was won by Mick Jaeger  with an ENORMOUS  10.56lb Tiger Muskie!


Mike's  1st Place Bag and Lunker:

Brian's 2nd Place winner:

Dennis *JIggen Den* T.  3rd Place winner:

Mick J. Miscelleneous Winner 10.56lb Tiger Muskie:

Other Anglers Bags of Bass:

Dave's K. Keeper:

Matt R. Keepers:

Brandon K.  Keepers:

Mike L. 1 Bass keeper:

BN06 2 Keepers:

Summary:  D.O.D. Lake showed that cookie cutter size Bass are prevalent.  Anglers caught many fish of all species.  A HUGE tiger muskie from Mick to sunnies and pickeral by others.  Water temps seemed balance throughout.  The parking lot was relatively clean and debris free.  No mattresses or nailed filled pallets found upon arrival.  Some more giants were lost by anglers retrieving back to the boats.  Some were broke off while others just snapped the line. 

In All, 12 out of 14 SJHT Anglers caught at least 1 Bass.   There were a total of 24 Bass caught overall.    This was 18 less Bass caught than our time down at COOPER River Park.  D.O.D Lake Bass gave way to a total of 36.04lbs caught overall. 
The avg. weight came out to be 1.50lbs.  5 Anglers caught at least there 3 Bass Limit.  2 anglers caught at least 2 Bass.  Great club overall turnout in spite of the change in fishing locations.
Congrats to Mike, Brian, Jiggen Den, and Misc. winner Mick J. on your performanaces.

Next up is SALEM CANAL in less than 1 week.