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Old Hickory Lake July 20, 2020

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These fishing trips are becoming more like adventures and this was no different.  Went fishing with my son and his friend.   Picked him up at 7 AM and was on the lake by 7:30.  Found your usual spot, but noticed one area had some rocks that we were getting some hits on my favorite lure that is discontinued  ~rant.  My son's friend reeled in a smaller LGM.  And then my son accidentally threw his rod and reel into the water.  I tried to back up the boat with the trolling motor and remember where he threw it in.  Checked the depth and it was only 3-4 feet, so I went in and tried to feel around with my feet.  Searched for about 20-30 minutes but couldn't feel it.  Probably floated off in the current.  It was a cheaper probably $100-$120 combo.  His friend and I made a few more casts and then gave up and drove around for a while. 

I will say I lost a NuTech jig.  Not NuTech's fault, I must have stuck the hook into a log ASAP because it was snagged the second it hit the water.  I have had some in bad situations and they always came out, but this was stuck right away.  Oh well, just a reason to buy more!

Temps started in upper 70's/low 80's and climbed up to low 90's after noon.  Been in the 90's here for about a week.  Fished shallow with t-rigged curly tail bait in green pumpkin.  Fish are shallow until sun clears the trees and it starts to get hot and then they move deeper.  Most go to ledges to head in (like us) and wait until dark again. 

Brought the boat in and couldn't get it on the trailer evenly.  Not sure what is going on.  May get the bumpers for the end to help guide the boat in better.  Despite the loss of the rod/reel, it was still better than sitting at home doing nothing or having the kids on video games!
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