Darn sharp zipties

Started by Pipepro, July 30, 2020, 05:57:24 PM

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I was finishing up my Ultrex installation tonight and thought I would share a tip I learned years ago.

For a neat wiring job nothing beats close spaced zip ties. However no matter how close or straight you cut them they end up like mini razor blades. Next time you reach in that compartment they will unzip your skin lickety split.

After I have them installed where I want them, I cut them off close with some side cutter pliers.

You can see the nasty sharp point just waiting to taste some blood. To fix this I grab my propane torch and an old flathead screwdriver. Heat the tip of the screwdriver till hot and then just lightly press it onto the offending point.

It only takes a second to flatten the cut end, I usually melt them just flush with the locking end. Presto! Smooth and no more sliced fingers and forearms.

Do take care with the hot screwdriver and don't melt the zipties so much that you weaken the lock.

Hope this helps!


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Mike Cork

What a great tip, thank you for sharing. See it's these simple things that we don't realize might be something no one knows about.  ~c~ ~c~

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Great tip!

I highly recommend having a zip tie tool.

Over the years I've bought 3 or 4 zip tie tools. Some have adjustable tension, but all have a cutters that cut so that the sharp tip stays flush or below the the rim of the lock.
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A great tip   :-* :-*

Thanks for posting it Pipepro   ~c~ ~c~
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Thanks guys!

I havent forgot about yall, its just been crazy busy in the construction end of things since the Big 3 went back to work. Just like I figured in March, laid off for the COVID and it was too snowy and crappy to fish, now that its nice its 6 and 7 days a week, 10-12 hours per day with an hour a half drive each way. Needless to say, I havent gotten much boat time in.
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Nice tip!  Thanks

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Toenail clippers can clip them flush to.
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good tip that could apply to other areas.  Never thought about heating up a screw driver
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I use soldering iron tip


Excellent Tip Pipepro!!!
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Tks for sharing the tip and pictures with us.
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Quote from: 88evinrude on July 31, 2020, 07:33:38 PM
Toenail clippers can clip them flush to.

I've always used a razor blade and cut them flush...  Dan


Damg thats a super cool idea!! You are 100% correct the end of a cut zip tie is sharp as heck!

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I use Mister Twister Baits!


While not on a boat, I can testify that they will cut you quick!

Using a pair of vise grip plyers to put a muffler spring back on a 4-wheeler when it slipped off.

My arm flew back and caught a zip tie that was holding some wires in place.

Yep. Hurt a bit.

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Holy smokes!

I've had quite a few cuts from them over the years but never one that bad. Hope you heal up quick.

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