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Ipt 31.9" or 29.4

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Im picking a casting setup later today. doybns sierra 703c or 734c... with either tatula sv tw 7.3:1 or tatula sv tw103 8.1:1 31.9" kind of all purpose senkos, texas, chatterbait, other plastics, some jigs, Carolina. No crankbait as of now. Thanks
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The IPT of the 7.3 is going to be better all around. Especially if you are gonna chuck some high resistance chatterbaits with it. Plus, the 8 speed Daiwa gears tend to see "gearyness" faster than any others.
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I'm with LMG, the 7.3 isn't going to wear you out as fast when baits like the chatterbait. One could argue the need to pick up line as fast as possible with a C-Rig but you're not talking much difference here. I'd sacrifice that 1.5 inches per turn for comfort on this one,
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