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For Better or Worst!!

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NC Wildlife has removed size and number limit on SPOTTED BASS  on most lake including Lake Norman.  Don't know there thinking but most people but it is what it is.  More study and no action. Want spots out to increase size. What Ever.  Make rules spend no money.  Same as always in North Carolina.  Shame on NCWRC no spots equals no bites on Lake Norman. For the record Spots were  introduced due to NO ACTION of Wildlife.  Right guys study the problem, study some more and do nothing again for the next 50 years.  Let me know how this works out for the people of North Carolina.  Another Study, Right!  Shame on NCWRC ~b~ ~b~ ~b~ ~b~ ~b~


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Def sounds like a knee jerk reaction... shoot spots put LKN back on the tourney map after years of being ignored! Maybe they could stock more Northern/Florida hybrid strain to help?

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I've heard the spotted bass limit all over. Can someone supply me a link confirming?


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