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New to the Ranger Family, hopefully

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Well, I am hopefully going to be taking possession of a 2003 519VX with a 2003 Mercury Opti 200. I had the boat checked out by my boat mechanic. He found some minor PM details that need to be attended to at the current owners expense before I take it out for a test run and hand over the cash. There is low water pressure so the impeller needs to be replaced and one of the thermostats is stuck open. Motor has less than 500 hours. The seats are in good shape to 18 years old. There is some stitching that has separated on the drivers seat and the emblems have come off the passenger seat. I will need to address that, but I would prefer to have the original skins. The foam is in great shape. I have not had the time to call Ranger yet. Is that something that would be a possibility to purchase? Also the spare tire rim has a crack in it. I hope to take it out this afternoon or tomorrow. I have been talking with the owner since February about it. He wasn't in a hurry to sell and I was trying to get my finances in order. This is my first glass boat and first boat with a big outboard. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Anything I need to know going in?


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A note about the Optimax engine.  You need to make sure you don't go full throttle until the temps are 120 or higher.  If you don't, you risk a cold seize.  If you are replacing one thermostat, replace both.  It's not cheap, but you want to make sure you have the upgraded 130 degree thermostats...

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Hopefully it all works out for you  ~c~ ~c~ Keep us posted and share some pics when the deal goes through :-*
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Optis like lots of Electric Power to start and run correctly. Make sure you have a good strong battery. Mine is an Opti 150 and I use a 1000 CCA Battery.

The Side Oil Tank on the Optis is a know issue for throwing the No Oil Code. What happens is the Magnet is glued onto the bottom of the float (why the don't put it on the top is beyond me) and when the glue fails the magnet will drop to the bottom of the tank so it doesn't make contact with the sensor and the alarm goes off. Cheapest and Quickest fix in a New Tank Assembly.

I have a 2004 Ranger 185 VS, 3rd Owner, and still get comments at Ramps about how nice it looks. Most think it's a 2014 not a 2004. The KEY is to take care of it by wiping down after each trip. I use Slick Mist Spray & Wipe Wax made by Lucas (you can buy at WalMart or any auto parts store) and the next trip use regular Windshield Washer Fluid the next.

Keep it clean and the resale will be much better. If it doesn't have already you can put a Recess Well for the TM Pedal. SOME Models have one already in and you just need to cut the Floor to expose it and SOME do not. I would CALL RANGER and ask about your specific boat. They told me what to expect with mine and how to exactly do it and mine fit in perfect.

Take care of it and it will take care of you. Congrats.
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Just enjoy it my friend.   ;D