Dock Fishing with Electronics

Started by Wizard, September 01, 2020, 11:30:55 AM

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I first tried this while looking to use my old Little Green Box. I mounted the unit on my dock and used a piece of discarded foam to float the transducer. Measuring the transducer, I cut a hole in the foam to accept the transducer. It gave a good representation of the bottom and fish in the area. Over time I would upgrade to a newer unit. I use a 2006 Lowrance 500c color unit as my dock electronics today. A better use than sitting on a shelf gathering dust.


Mike Cork

Cool idea, never would have thought about the piece of foam to move it out some :-*

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That's not fair, you can catch all the fish before that guy in his 80,000$ rig who's coming to fish your dock. lo
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