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SJHT MANASQUAN RES. Club Results Sat. 09-12-20

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Place: MANASQUAN RES., Howell, NJ
Date: Sat. September 12, 2020
Time: 6:30am-2:30pm
Weather: Cool and slightly breezy morning start 59 degrees at start.  Warming up to a warm 77 Degrees. Wind increased dramatically as morning/day went on.
Water Temps: 74 Degrees at start warming up to 77 degrees Water Clarity: N/A
Wind Gust: 20-25 mph
Best Lure:  Spinnerbaits, Beavers, and dropshotting
Depths fished: 4'~18'
Limit: 3 Bass 

Round 11 of the SJHT 2020 Season brings us to the SQUAN.  Can you say BRUTAL!!!!. Can you say TOUGH!! Can you say WINDY as Heck!!!

Saturday SJHT had 15 members come out to do battle on our 11th official tournament of the 2020 season. As we near towards the end of our 2020 Club Season, the SQUAN put a beat-down on nearly Half of the field.  I totally misjudged the wind effect and its continuation throughout the day.  Trying to fish the wood or drop offs out in the middle was pretty fruitless as the wind just blew one back over the more shallower, grass/weed choke areas where an angler would typically catch there limit.  Even trying to hide behind the Islands proved worthless.  Everybody and I mean everybody proved getting any bite as being tough.

Without further adieu, please give a big congrats to 1st place and Lunker winner Mike  *Wind...What Wind* Del Monico  for weighing in 2 Bass going 5.86lbs. Mike's  Lunker went a decent 3.44lbs.    Jackson Fu  took 2nd Placewith 3 Bass going 5.20lbs.   3rd Place was won by Matt *Water over the Bow..No Problem* Renschler with 2 Bass going 3.68lbs.
Miscelleneous was a tie between Jackson Fu's .71lb Crappie and Bryson's Smith .71lb Catfish.


Mike's 1st Place and Lunker :

Jackson Fu's 2nd Place:

Matt's 3rd Place:

Other Anglers Bags of Bass:

Bryson S. Keeper:

Micks' Keepers:

Rob's Keeper:

Bonus pics:

My Dinks......

Squan Res. Ranger performing SEATOW Work:

Summary:  MANASQUAN RES. made you appreciate what the Semi-pros and Pro's go through when just fishing Non-Tidal waters and waterways where one can hide from the rollers and constant winds.  Having fished in tropical storms or less ideal weather, the Squan put an arse whooping on the field mentally, physically, and if I may say emotionally.  Most were coming off the water by 1:30pm with almost an hour left in the Tournament including myself.  Between the Ranger towing in several leisure anglers\locals boats back to the ramp and members being on 5% Battery juice, many struggled to get back to the ramp.  This continued even as guys pulled there boats from the water.  The Squan made one think Twice about why we put ourselves through what we do on a weekend basis.  The travel, the tolls, the fees, the awakening at the crack of dawn, and I didn't even begin to touch on the Mental aspect.  The Squan left anglers questioning why we do what we do!

In All, 9 out of 15 SJHT Anglers caught at least 1 Bass.   There were only 14 Bass caught overall. MANASQUAN RES. Bass gave way to total of 25.58lbs caught overall.
The avg. weight came out to be 1.83lbs.   Only 1 Angler caught at least there 3 Bass Limit.  Great turnout even though the fishing didn't cooperate.   
Congrats to Mike Del Monico, Jackson Fu, Matt, and Bryson on your performanaces.

Next up is DELAWARE RIVER  in 1 weeks