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Picture from Lake St. Clair (Rangerman)

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Bud Kennedy

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First pic received from Boots.  He wanted you to see what he is up to.

big g

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Wow that's a big brown! ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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Nice fish.  Thanks for sharing!

Reminds me of home, just looking at the water.  I scuba dived up there and they have had a real zebra mussel problem, until they realized how much they filtered the water.  It is an old industrialized area, both in the US and Canada, and they dumped everything into the lakes, especially LSC, where Rangerman is fishing and more up north to Port Huron, where I grew up.  One story a long time ago was reported of a scuba diver seeing a dark blob coming toward him and it engulfed him and apparently had chemicals that burned his rubber mask to his face!  After the zebra mussel invasion, you can now see down over 100 feet and see the many ship wrecks that the Great Lakes are known for. 
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Super nice smallie!!

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