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2020 SJHT Bass Classic Results D.O.D & CARNEGIE Lake SAT. 10-03-20/10-04-20

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Day 1
Place: D.O.D Lake, Pennsgrove, NJ
Time: 6:30am-2:30pm
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2020
Weather: Cool 48 Degrees to start to our morning warming up to 66 Degrees
Water Temps: 66 degrees  at start.  Rising up to 68 throughout the day.
Water Clarity:  Less than 2.0' visibility.
Water current and Level: Avg. pool level due recent early in week rains.
Best Lure: Who Knows!
Depths fished: 2.5'~ 8.0'
Bass Limit: 3


COVID-19 in 2020 can summed up as follow.  Adapt, survive, and continue bringing your A- GAME!.   Another concluded 2020 season.

D.O.D Lake Trashed dumped...SMDH!

Once hat goes off to all of the members that came out week in and week out to compete, bust some stones, win a couple of $$$, and just enjoy being out on the water amongst one another.   A Big congrats to 3 Time Angler of Year winner Mr. Brian *SubFish* McCulley.   Brian defended his 2019 AOY Title by starting the 2020 season off catching his PB 7.96lber LargeMouth Bass and therefore setting the bar pretty high.

Although we lost 5 Tournaments due to Covid-19 lake closures or state furloughs, Brian still managed to make the rest of the remaining 12 scheduled tournaments.   See Stats in the Displayed Stat Sheet.

Congrats to SJHT 2020 Rookie Angler of the Year
  Paul Tinges.

Congrats to SJHT's Top 6 Anglers:
Brian, Mike Del Monico, Jackson, Bryson, Dennis, and Rob M.

These guys are the epitome of putting in work on the water and excellence in character.....not too mention represent the Best of the Best Year after Year!
Alright....let's get to this weekends 2020 SJHT 2 Day Bass Classic.  Today, 12 out of the 16 Qualifiers descended upon the D.O.D Lake  where it's a winner Take all event and the coveted 2020 SJHT Custom Bass Classic Championship Belt.

There were a total of 16 Bass caught giving way to a total of 20.39lbs. 6 out of 12 anglers caught at least 1 Bass. We had 4 limits caught. Day 1 Lunker went 2.16lbs and was won by Bryson *In the Hunt* Smith and 2020 Top 6 angler.. The overall avg. weight went 1.27lbs.   Anchored by that Lunker Bass, Bryson was in 3rd place heading into Day 2 with 3 Bass weighing 4.15lbs.

D.O.D Lake Tale of the Tape:

The Fu Man caught 3 Bass leading Day 1: 4.71lbs

Brian's 2nd place Day 1 standings: 4.33lbs

Bryson's 3rd place standing Day 1 total of  4.15lbs:

Dennis *Jiggen Den* Tolentino 4th place Day 1 Standing going 2.79lbs:

Bill *The Hammer* Leach...

BowFin going 3.96lbs.

Boat Ramp departure:

BN06 Dink after Dinks being caught:

So with a small .38 oz margin lead difference between 1st and 2nd place, most anglers felt Carnegie could be a difference maker in hauling in the bigger Bass....especially if Jackson had trouble figuring them out.  Fore telling at its MAX.   LOL
Day 2:

Sunday, Oct. 04, 2020
Finale Day 2
Place: Carnegie Lake, Princeton, NJ   
Time: 6:30am-2:30pm
Weather: Brisk and chilly 44 degree start.  Much more breezy morning as evident by my gloves.  Wind blowing at least 10mph.  Temps warming up to 64 degrees. Blue bird skies and overcast clouds as a cold front came through overnight.
Winds: 10-15mph most of the day....gusting to about 17mph at times.
Water temps: 66.0 Degrees throughout the main body and cooling down towards 63.0 Degrees heading towards the Princeton Boat Ramp.
Water Clarity: Semi Stained Down to maybe 2.0'-3.0'
Best Lure: Crankbait and finesse lures
Depths fished: 3.5'~ 5.0''
Bass Limit: 3

The 2020 Hardware revealed:

and now the Weigh-ins:

Jackson's 1 Bass weighing 1.78lbs on Day 2:

Bryson S. 2 Keepers going 3.12lbs:

Brian McCulley 2 Bass going 3.09lbs:

Jiggen Dens 2 Bass going 2.01lbs:

BN06 freaking Dink:

Several Dead Deer in the Water trying to attract bait fish:

Majestic Fall Leaf color changes:

Early morning Fog and a couple fishing off of the Damn:
Catching fish from down below..

Other shots on a more or less ineffective catching day:

Moe trying to catch Moby Dick:

Shallow and Flat areas down on far side of Dam:

Carnegie Lake Tale of the Tape:

and New 2020 SJHT Bass Classic Champion:

The 2020 End of Season Snap shot:

2020 Comparative Analysis Top 3 Finishes:

2020 Season Weight Differential:

Summary:  What an unbelievable 2020 YEAR!  You name it....we experienced it.  Over 265 bass weighed in totaling over 510.75lbs.  Decent 1.93lb per bass average.

To all of our members, guest, followers, and supporters, I personally Thank You!  Couldn't ask for a greater group of guys and gals to spend and do our weekend warrior thing on the water.

Game respecting Game:  A Big Thank you goes out to Jiggen Den on the Commerative Franklin Mint Bass Fishing Knife.  Great workmanship and it will be displayed with my other unique Bass fishing cadre.

Let's get ready for this years 2020 SJBCA Bass Bowl and regain our 2018 Title.   This year will be at the NorthEast River, MD out of Anchor Marina.  to be held Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Congrats once again to Mr. Brian *SubFish* McCulley on repeating as a 3 Time AOY and winning this years SJHT Bass Classic Championship.  on Day 2 of this years event.

Thanks again to all,