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Water is cooling down think safety

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Bud Kennedy

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Just a friendly reminder that cold water becomes very dangerous should you fall overboard.  It is very important to wear your PFDs and Kill Switches at all times.  A PFD in a locker does you now good if you have fallen out of the boat.  A PFD only works if you wear them.  All of you should consider that especially in the colder months ahead that wearing a pfd device full time is probably a very good idea.  Especially for those of us that are older or those of us who are not strong swimmers or have physical limitations.  Hypothermia sets in very quickly and can be fatal.  Don't be smug and think it can't happen to you because it can.


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A great reminder bud.

In Korea it is law to wear a PFD at all times when in any floating vessel, whether it be a float tube or a bass boat. It just feels natural to wear a PFD all day long, and if you get a good one they can actually be rather comfortable. I also keep my kill switch attached to my PFD all the time, that way I never forget to use it.
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NY law says from Oct. 1st till April 30 a PFD must be worn at all times.
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Donald Garner

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Bud tks for the reminder.  I wear mine all the time to start with but there are those that don't.
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