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Adopt A Family Raffle 2020

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Donald Garner

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Greetings to everyone,

It's that time of the year here at UltimateBass.  Adopt a Family Raffle is kicking off.  To read about the Adopt a Family Program just read below.  Believe me its a very worthy cause.

2020 Ultimate Bass Adapt A Family Raffle

It’s that time again!!! Time to kick off the Ultimate Bass Adopt A Family Raffle.
A quick synopsis for those that weren’t part of Ultimate Bass last year. Ultimate Bass holds a raffle to raise money for a family in need each year. So far, we've helped 8 families over the past 8 Holiday Seasons. These families typically had extreme medical bills preventing a joy filled holiday season. However, a couple of our recipients simply were families who had fallen on very hard times.

Last year's recipient was a lady in west Texas that had was in dire need, the church was trying to help but things were spiraling out of control. To read here story check out last years raffle, her bio is in the first post

Two years ago we were able to help the grandchildren of Lipripper. The were trying to raise his Great Grandchildren in the heart of Chicago and were in a bad way. With winter on top of them, they were fighting to keep their jobs, Mom and Dad were taking turns toting the kids back and forth to day care on a bike with a wagon just to keep working... Lots to their story you can read here CLICK HERE

Let’s get to the raffle... I am late getting started (as usual) but so far the raffle consists of:

Ultimate Bass Adapt A Family Raffle Prizes
(There are more prizes in work and will be listed in order of value)


I haven't received all the prices but it's shaking out like this

First place prize:
Gary donated a Dobyns Rods Champion Series 734C casting rod $249 value

Second Place
$100 in baits from Mister Twister

Third Place:
Prize Package from VRX Fishing
I haven't got it yet but last years was huge!!!

Forth Place:
K-9 T-shirt, Hat, and spool of Fluorocarbon line

Fifth Place:
$50 bait package from bigjim5589

Sixth Place:
$50 bait package from FIshballer06 at Steelwater Outdoors

Tickets are your basic Raffle Ticket. Ticket cost:


1 ticket for $5
5 tickets for $20
30 tickets for $100

I will be tracking ticket purchases like always. Many times we are not able to spend $100 at a time to get the bonus tickets. If you buy $100 worth of tickets over a series of purchases I will give you the extra tickets to equal thirty with the purchase that takes you over $100. So if you buy 5 sets of $20 that gets you 25 tickets and I will kick in the extra five tickets to make the 30.

We take all forms of money but prefer Pay Pal. Make sure to send funds via "Friends and Family". You can mail a check (please let me know it's coming), did I say we prefer Pay Pal, and if you want to use a CC we can send you a Pay Pal invoice that you can pay without having a Pay Pal account. See the bottom of the post for further information.

I will message you the numbers of your tickets. You'll need to hang onto these numbers. On December 17th we will draw the winners and post the ticket numbers. We will do the drawing on Facebook Live to ensure the integrity of the raffle. (You do not have to have Facebook in order to win, winning numbers will be published on the Ultimate Bass forums) I will also write your screen name on the back of your tickets so we'll know who won what on drawing night.

The funds recipient - We have a family in works, we are still vetting their needs through their local church. Once that's complete I will post as much as I can about them without violating their privacy.

How to Pay for Tickets

Mailing Address:

Ultimate Bass
C/O Adopt a Family
5422 Amber Circle
Benton La 71006

Pay Pal address

First and foremost, save everyone the fees and send funds as "Friends and Family"
Please put your “SCREEN NAME” and “Adopt a Family” in the notes section.

Credit Card

Our only option here is to send you an invoice via Pay Pal, you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay the invoice. However, there is a 3% surcharge and since this is a fund raiser, I'll split it with you.

Disclaimer: We have to have one so here it goes. All rules of this raffle are subject to change by site administration. Ultimate Bass is not responsible for the delivery of prizes; however we will provide our best efforts to ensure winners receive their prizes in a timely manner.
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