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Korea bass fishing report - Andong Lake - 21st & 22nd Nov 2020

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Andong Lake, located in the central / eastern area of the country, GyeongBuk province.

 - Water levels are still high but are steadily dropping. Hopefully this will mean the main ramp will be fully accessible again within a few weeks.
 - Water temps are dropping, but very slowly. Only dropped 6 degrees degrees from 2 weeks ago. Currently at 60 degrees
 - Water is clearing up again following the heavy summer rains, typhoons and algae bloom
 - Air temps = Low 30's in the morning up to low 50's around midday
 - Cloudy Saturday with no wind at all, and rainy with strong winds Sunday

The smaller bass are starting to school up in numbers on the steeper main lakes points in about 15 FOW, and the bigger bass are out deeper on the same points in 40 ~ 50 FOW but not in numbers.
You find the schools directly under the boat and fish for them vertically with metal jigs.
After you find them on the 2D they are gone just as fast. They are not sitting still for long.
When you get a fish in the boat, they are spitting up a bunch of baitfish.

Other method is slowly dragging worms along longer sloping points in the same depths.

Click for photos
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Nice, we're getting white stuff coming down here.
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