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Feels Liks a bit of READY - FIRE - AIM

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Bud Kennedy

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First let me state that I am most certainly not up on all the configurations and gee whiz factors involved with buying today's electronics.  But........It seems to me that while following along on some of these posts that there appears to be a lot of surprises around every turn of the road.  Is it just me or is it true that after buying your base units one seems to then realize they have to buy more stuff to make it work correctly or one just did not know about the extra stuff you needed in particular in the area of network capability and integrating with multiple manufacturers equipment.

I am starting to believe that there needs to be some type of configuration tool that can be used just so one can have confidence that what they buy will deliver what is expected.  Seems like a whole lot of verbal coaching is going on that might not be what is required in certain situations.


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Bud- I have noticed the same thing! Does my choice of graph "talk" to my-
Trolling motor
Charging system
Anchor system
Key fob/remote control
App on phone
Networking system and cables

Then it's do I have the correct mount and number of them.

Some places (think I saw it at BPS first) went with a "boat in a box" concept which at least gets you a certain section correctly matched.

This is where customer service is going to have to shine and someone who really "knows" what and how to set a customer up with ALL the items without coming back numerous times.

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Mike Cork

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A configuration too would be cool, but reading up and know what your buying is a lost art...

Like me, I was seriously considering a HDS Live. Electing to go with Lowrance versus Garmin so that I can easily link it with my current units and all my waypoints and trails. However upon further investigation, the HDS Live is all wifi when it communicates. My HDS Gen 2's don't have that capability and I need to use an Ethernet.

The ELITE FS, is not quite the unit a LIVE is but it has Ethernet...

Research is part of the fun, but most just want to buy, plug and play....
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I'm glad I can't afford the latest and greatest. lo
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I'm with Mike on this. Research is required if you want seemless integration. Buying something that has to link to something else, without knowing it will link is the buyers problem IMO..

It's like buying a new mini cooper, and expecting your Android phone to integrate with the car software, only to find out that the car will only link to Apple car play.

ring fry

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I agree with Mike on this.  "reading up and what you are buying is a lost art."

I don't know how many posts on forums or facebook groups I've seen that say;
How do I get maps on my Striker unit?
I can't get my Echomap to link with my GPSmap.
It said Livescope compatible, but after I bought the unit it says I have to buy the black box too.
I bought a Ghost thinking it would work with my Garmin unit.

If I'm going to fork out thousands of dollars I'm going to do all the research I can.  And with Al Gore's internet there is endless amounts of information available.

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I just finished upgrading the electronics on my new 2021 Nitro Z18 Pro.  What it came with was quite nice: MK ULTREX w/iPilot link, HELIX 7 MDI GPS G3N on the bow & a HELIX 7 MSI GPOS G3N on the console all linked via their OneBoat Network.  I swapped out the bow unit for a HELIX 10 MDI+ GPS G4N to be MEGA 360 ready & added a 2nd unit - HELIX 9 MSI+ GPS G4N to the console.

I just called up Humminbird and had a long talk with there techs about exactly what I needed to do to make it all work.  when I hung up the phone I had every part number needed.  When I called RusselMarine to order I asked a couple of 'dumb' questions and they confirmed everything HB said.  Everything is working perfect upon first power up.

No substitute for doing some research before dropping multiple thousands on new electronics ... just my 2 cents ;D


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Reading up and researching is also stressful. For instance, I have been a HB fan for over 10 years. I am in the market for a new to me boat. I know I will want to upgrade electronics and trolling motor. I had a plan. But then BP had Garmin Echomap UHD 93SV on sale for 600.00. These are panaoptic/livescope ready. They are last years model with the older transducer. I stressed and stressed because it changes my plan. But it saved me 1200.00. That is 1200.00 that can go along way on other aspects of the boat I haven't bought yet.  After much deliberation, pulled the trigger and ordered 2 of them. And I am still stressing whether I made a mistake. I will now be ging with Garmin Force Tm and one of each UHD93 at the bow and the console. I may keep my Gen 1 Helix for mapping if they will fit. I almost had the wife order two more but figured if they were only for mapping, why not use my birds. Fishing is not supposed to be stressful, be we sure make it that way LOL.