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Garmin Livescope

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That is on three different lakes finding fish, "it's so easy a cave man can do it"
What setting ate you using on the SI and 360?

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What setting ate you using on the SI and 360?

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I don't know, never pay any attention to the numbers. I adjust according to the way the display looks and do it as often as needed.
Just remembering the three locations, the settings were different at every one because they needed to be.

Mainly Sensitivity and Contrast would be different.
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Maybe I am the odd man out here, but I hate it -
Livescope I am not a fan of this technology.

It will change fishing and not in a good way, sure it will allow you to catch more fish, but really, what have you done ?
I do not see the skill involved in looking at a screen and putting a lure in a fishes mouth, it's like a video game.
I compare it to going to the supermarket on thanksgiving and picking out the biggest turkey -
or putting a feeder in your yard and stepping out your back door, shooting a deer and calling it hunting.

The fish that are already heavily pressured on your favorite lake will be under 100X more pressure once these units go down in price.
I also believe you will see the number of fish in these lakes will be going down as well, not everyone is a catch and release angler and the numbers and sizes being caught will be going up. I don't think the fish are going to be able to keep up once these units start to appear on more boats.

I have heard recently one local fisherman, who without this technology is a good fisherman, but has caught about 10 fish over the 10lb. mark using livescope in about a 1 month period. The thrill of catching these larger fish has to be diminished once you are using this technology- it has to be.

This is just my opinion on the technology, not a personal attack on anyone using it.


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What have you learned? A new skill?

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