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Pascagoula River

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Took the Xpress out Tuesday and did manage to catch a few bass for a change, not great but better than I had been doing. Put 9 keepers in the boat with several in the 2-3 pound range out of 2 bayous in the lower marsh. White 1/2 oz. chatter bait with a Zoom fluke trailer caught the majority of the fish but picked up a couple on C rigged lizard and 1 on a spinner. Fish were not real deep but very near deep water either on an outside bend of a bayou or the mouths of smaller bayous. Guys have been catching fish pretty good as per results of recent local tournaments, but I am not one of them although this was my best day of the month. Tide was very low at -1.2' at launch and rising most of the day, air temps from mid 40's to near 70, water temps 51 to 53, water visibility 1-2', east winds near 10 mph and mostly blue skies. Still have not found the fish stacked up as I normally do this time of year with only 1 spot producing multiple bites but I'll keep looking next week. 
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