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Straight Mono or CoPoly

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I like Siege on a baitcast reel and use it on 8# and 12#.  From what I've read Sufix Advance is a very good line, but as stated, has a larger diameter than some other lines.....but is the same diameter as Elite and Siege.  I bought some 20# Advance to use on a rod for skipping because of the opinions of others on the line.

I spooled 10# FloroClear on a baitcast reel before a trip to Florida.  I replaced the reel as soon as I got back from the first day of fishing.  Line broke way too easy.  I always take a couple extra reels...thankfully.  Maybe I got a bad spool.

I'm a long way from having tried all available lines.  I'm trying McCoy Mean Green and Izorline XXX.  XXX is near enough to the Sufix lines to call it the same diameter.

I really want to give Ande and Maxima Ultragreen lines a shot.