What's Up with You Guys???

Started by Rangerman, February 24, 2021, 06:30:07 PM

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No post No reply's, No reports??  I guess y'all waiting on Biden to turn the fishing back on lo lo lo lo


If your fishing Norman right now you're on the wrong lake  ~shhh


You Right RB lo every fish from dam to dam has 3 holes in it's lips from the BFL and the CBC back to back. Other factors are lake came up almost 2 feet very quickly and now going back down.  However it was great weather to be out there it was 73 yesterday.  Great day for fishing just got catching lo lo lo Your son Robert has been kicking butt in the Winter Trail a chip of the old block ~c~


Nothing to report here. Been working too dang much. Only made it out a few times. Mostly to break-in my new LU. Went  down to Santee today. Talk about intimidating..... Only burned a gallon of gas and absolutely drained the TM batteries. I would love to really learn how to navigate it. But my luck with lowers here lately, not really in the mood to go back. Any advice?