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Bank Fishing PSA....

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Hey bankfishermen??? Clean up after your selves!!

While bank fishing today, I felt a tug on my foot. Look down and someone discarded several of feet of mono, it was wrapped up on the ground and  just left there!!

I coiled it up and put it in my pocket and threw away at home.

These are some of the reasons we bank fishermen get a bad rap. We just don't clean up after ourselves!!

big g

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I have done the same thing many times over the years.  Never leave line laying on the ground.  Once found lots of line in the shore pads, pulled in in and their was a six pounder still hooked and lively.
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Trash In.... Trash Out     What is so hard about it????
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I see that crap at the launch ramps also.  Like most people here I too haul my trash back home with me or drop it in the trash can at the ramp.
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I don't see how hard it is to take your trash out with you. I take my trash out and throw it away when i get home.
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Our local public lake here in the county I live in is literally a "line field" as I like to call it. Broke fishing lines, trash and other junk all on the banks!
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I always  pickup what I see. I fish some off grid places in my Yak and still find litter there.  ~xyz
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I always try to pick up fishing line anytime I see it laying around, which is often sadly... don't want the wildlife getting caught on it.