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Looking for guide in key west

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Please move this if this is the wrong place to post.

Iím going to the Key West at the end of the month. Iíve never been but want to go out fishing at least one time while Iím there. Would love to get into tarpon as itís on my bucket list or Goliath groupers. But really just want to get out and catch some good fighting fish and have a good time. Wanted to see if yíall could recommend someone youíve used before. My last trip to Carolina the guide we had wouldnít let us cast he would cast set hook and hand rod to us. Was very disappointed in that trip as I felt we could have caught more fish had me and my dad been able to cast into the area. I did get to reel in the only fish that day a decent size shark that was released.

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Guides are often booked up months in advance in Key West. I used to supply flies to several there, but have lost contact with them as it's been a long time.

Check with the Saltwater Angler shop there. It's likely that various guides will have contacts there and maybe you'll find one that has an open day.

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