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The Tackle Giveaway

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The Tackle Giveaway

We have the best sponsors we could ever ask for on our forum and they provide us with tackle and bass fishing products that we can give away to you each month.

Each month there will be trivia contests through out the days of the month at random times that will give members a chance to win prizes. Keep your eye one the boards here in the forum for your chance to win tackle from our sponsors.

You can also win as a new member by posting in the new member thread here in the contest board for the month that you registered on the forum. Please be sure to do that as soon as you sign on.

Any prize that has been won must be claimed within thirty days of winning. To claim your prize simply provide a shipping address to the Contest Board moderator or Mike. Send a personal message with the prize you won and your shipping information. Unclaimed prizes will be returned to the prize pool.

Charter Members also earn a chance to win a prize one a month so take a moment and help support Ultimate Bass by becoming a Charter Member. It's only $20 a year. You can do that by visiting your profile.
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