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Mounting boarding ladder on transom of 2016 Proteam 175TF

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I'm wondering if anyone has mounted a boarding ladder on the transom of their Tracker Proteam 175TF or TXW.  I recently purchased "The Rescue Step", but I am uncertain of the best method to mount it.  Mainly, I'm concerned about using lag screws, as the inside of the transom does not appear accessible for through bolting.  I've seen one installed on the transom of a Tournament Edition of the 190, but I saw no information how it was mounted.  Tracker tells me anything mounted on the transom would void the transom warranty.


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Tracker def doesn't have much "accessible" back at the transom. I have the 190 TX and getting to things is hard on it.

The video they show on the site makes it look easy but don't see it for your boat specifically. Of course they'd say it voids the warranty but THEY had no problem mounting the transducer there lol!!

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Are you using it for emergency boarding after falling in? If so I would return it and use a rope with loops tied in it, store it in a rear compartment and when needed just pull it out and tie it off at a cleat.
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