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Tims Ford TN 27 March 2021

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Tims Ford TN 27 March 2021

with recent heavy weather and toad-strangling rains (in some close by areas perhaps even airborne cows were a real possibility) I looked at past precip and TVA dam release rates.

Chickamauga dam was rolling at 100K cfs plus and Nickajack was also pretty heavy.  (I prefer to stay off main river sections when current is running over 65K cfs).  Plus stain due to run off.  and of course, Chickamauga is still in winter pool, so the quick rise in surface elevation is followed by just as quick drop, and a with lots of floating debris, and shoals to watch out for, it was a good time to head somewhere a little more tame.

so drug the boat up over the mountain to Tims Ford.  Beautiful spring day with overcast and rain in the forecast.  didn't know until I got there that a 200+ highschool tournament was also 'happening'.

while walking through the ditch, I noticed some clover in bloom.  really cool how the textures of these things 'feels'.  and of course, with overcast, and all-night rain, everything green was really vibrant.

at launch water clarity was about 3-4 feet.  almost normal.  levels were up a little from a winter pool, but still 4 feet to get to summer.  water temps at launch (morning) were 60.5F.  Roaming around, I did find 62.5F. 

first spot tried the jig/chunk.  no takers.  but did get a hard hit dragging a tube.  smallmouth.  made it through 5-6 jumps, had her to the boat and she spits the hook.  Good look at her, probably 18 inch class, swollen belly and that 'mottled gray' on the belly.

worked that area, cove pretty good during a rain squall and then ran up lake to another spot I like to fish.  got there, worked through the usual areas.  by this time it was after noon, pushing 1PM and I'm guessing I was not the first boat 'in there'.  had a couple of hits (bang, then nothing).  figured to be some fish that had 'taken a bait' earlier that day.

another squall line was coming in, so about 2:30PM I put the rods in sox and in the box, tidied up and headed to the ramp.  3 smallmouth in the boat.  Usual sizes (17 - 18 inches)

beautiful fall day on a highland reservoir.  redbuds are in bloom and think we're maybe 2-3 weeks from the dogwoods starting up.
if I can figure out how to post photos, I'll add them.  *editors note:  just figured it out.  hence added photos.
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