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Started by D.W. Verts, June 24, 2021, 04:19:53 PM

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D.W. Verts

Today's trolling motors are a marvel. Compared to to the old days they are so much stronger. They are more efficient on batteries. And they are QUIETER. If you ever heard the old Mercury Thruster trolling motors you would agree. They sounded like a threshing machine on steroids. You couldn't hardly break one, but hoo boy, they were NOISY.

But trolling motors can still make some unwanted noise, and for me this past week it was apparent that mine was. So, before heading out again for an abbreviated trip this morning (lightning, and it was LOUD too) I did a little prop work that was way over due.

These props are also a modern marvel, but they sho' take a beating, and mine was all nicked up. It was so bad that I could hear it with my deaf old ears. And if I could here it, you bet your bananas that the bass were hearing it. And I'll guarantee you that they don't like it. It's a slushy "squeeeeelll" sound. And it's horrible.

To fix this problem I took a big old bas-tard (spelling so I don't get beeped!) file and I took a few, EVEN strokes to both sides of both blades. It didn't take but a few seconds to clean the edges up. Removing too much plastic can do more harm than good by throwing a prop out of balance, and if your prop has chunks out of it you probably need to turn loose of a few bucks and invest in a new one. Tightwad.

So this morning I get this thing on the water, and I was happily amazed at the difference. I mean, I KNOW the difference a good edge on a prop can make, but to see it happen again was pretty cool.

First off the dang thing was QUIET. No more slushy squealing sound. And efficient- it was way faster at slow speeds. Crazy difference on the low end.

And my wobble was gone. I didn't realize how much of a wobble I had until it was gone. Groovy.

And finally, when I got into some lily pads, the dang thing was CUTTING thru the stems instead of winding them up around the prop. Very, very, nice.

While this tip, from the stealth standpoint, is more important for shallow water fishing, the over all efficiency increase is way more than enough of a benefit to stand getting that "woops" (see?) file out and working those blades over a little. Guaranteed.

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Two tips in one. Thanks Dale  ~c~ ~c~
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Nice reminder to check mine as I get it ready to launch.

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Mike Cork

One of those things I do that I think to share. Awesome post Dale :toot:

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Donald Garner

Tks for sharing the tip and that's a really nice bass you're holding there also  ~shade
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I used to swap them out frequently. UNTIL they hit $50. Now I drive a nail in my bench, slide the prop on and balance it with the file. $50? Give me a break. I used to sell injected mounded parts. They might have $3  in a prop.

While I'm ranting I'm making an extra set of keys to leave in my truck. My dealer got me the ignition key and I went to buy a standard tumbler key to lock my boat lockers. All my life they have been $.99 EVERYWHERE. $9 TO $15!!!!

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