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Little pond pig

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After a long day of sweatin at work. I decided to head to my buddies pond for a little peace and downtime.

 First rod I grabbed was a Fury 734C with a Lews Xfinity 7:5:1 that had a bitsy flippin jig tied on. After I few flips I just wasnt feeling a jig so I retied a EZ Lures Gizzard Shad wrapped lipless crankbait (only $8).

  First cast I had something slap at it. Thinking to myself ok maybe they are wanting shad.
     5-6 casts later this chinky butt latched on. At first I was thinking it was a gar by the way it was fighting.  Didnt hit the bait hard and certainly wasnt pulling for dear life.   The Lews struggled even with the drag set all the way.

  I didnt realize the size of her until I got her to  the bank.  I was shocked as its been 2 years since I caught 1 over 4lbs in this pond. In a rush to find my scale in my tackle bag that was near me as I didnt wanna keep her out the water too long. I couldnt find my scale.

 Got a couple pics and let back in the pond.  2 hours later I find my scale thats buried among all my soft plastics in my tackle bag.

    This bass is highly likely to be my PB but without knowing the weight. I cant say that it is.  Ill catch her again 1 day. But it surely did feel good to pull a good one like that again.

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Mike Cork

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Awesome bass, congratulations :toot:
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Look at the belly on that girl. Congrats!

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Oh wow!! WTG!! Thank you for sharing.  ~beer~