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New Guy on the Block

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 ~gf What's up everyone? I am an average dude who loves to fish just like most other anglers out there. I am 28. I am originally from the Houston area but moved to McKinney after college taking a job offer in the construction industry. My love for bass fishing specifically started to heighten when I moved up here as the coast is far away haha. Me and my wife have been married for 3 years as of yesterday and we have an 11 month old who keeps us on our toes. I am a Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2016. I am a Christian saved by grace and do my best to walk humbly with Him every day.
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Well, since I've covered all the official stuff with you I'll just say welcome one more time then I'll head on over to the New Member Contest thread and get your name on that list ASAP!
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Welcome to UB!!


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Welcome aboard'
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Welcome aboard  ~c~ Looking forward to seeing your fishing reports and ideas on all of our boards here on UB.
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