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New Interstate batteries

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I had to replace both my batteries so I had my son order them up for me, he is an auto tech and got me a good deal. The batteries turned out to be Interstate EFB battery that Interstate says will give 2 times more cycles, ok I'll bite. The website is a bit closed mouth about the construction but I was told it was an AGM hybrid.
Since I only fish 4 or 5 hours and my boat is light I only need 27 series, never ran them dry on a full tournament day so I'm in good shape, normally I get 5 years plus out of them, should last as long as I'm fishing in this boat.
I installed the batteries with a new Minn Kota Digital charger today along with a main battery shutoff, I should be on the water, early next week.
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Lots of folks run the Interstates and swear by them.  ~c~
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Alrighty we're getting closer and closer to the launch ramp  ~c~
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Lots of folks run the Interstates and swear by them.  ~c~
I’ve had and have Interstates and they’re Ok except the lousy warranty. I won’t buy another Interstate cranking battery but will buy a “car” battery from some place like Wal-Mart with a 5 year warranty, at least 3 years with full replacement and oh yeah save $20-$30 in the process. I’ve done this before and will do it again.

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