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Yamaha Outboard Problems- Need Suggestions for fix

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Yesterday morning I lost a piston in my 2009 300 HPDI. I had been bragging about having 1000 hours with no problems. Now I have found out how big the problem is. I need suggestions as to what course of action to take. A new boat is not an option as my 2009 22i Skeeter is in Excellent condition and I like it. After checking with buddies at various Marine Dealers I learn I'm up that smelly creek with no motor or paddle. If you have or know someone who has a Motor I can purchase please PM me.
Yamaha is first choice. I would consider a New or gently used unit or a rebuilt power head. Thanks in Advance

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Getting parts is nearly impossible. You might be able to dig and dig and dig and find a used, even blown, motor that will have the parts you need for a rebuild.

I'll contact my maintenance guys and see if there is anything out there...

Are you willing to travel or pay shipping costs?
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I don't know how far you are from S Florida, but there's a guy parting out two older 200hp Yamaha's. I don't know if any of the parts are interchangeable or not for you.

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Crowley Marine looks to have your piston, all other engine parts and even refurbished 300 hp outboards. They appear to have an on-line sale going on.