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Full moon last night. Be ready in September

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September 20 will be the full moon after next. A former Classic champ and I were talking one time and gave me a nugget that has held pretty true. He said the full moon in February and September are the two that triggers fish to "move" more than any. He said he didn't mean they would go from 30 foot deep to the bank in a day. He said this is where their instincts let them know changes are coming, get in position. He said in September really pay attention to your electronics. If you were catching them good deep on the main channel, odds are during this moon they start heading to the creeks. He also said this is the time where as an angler you need to pick up speed. Move faster from place to place, and move your baits faster. He did say the February moon up north doesn't have the effect because its iced over. There its all about the thaw. Can't wait. I'll be out of chickens that month and October

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Great intel. When I lived in Missouri I could believe this was about spot on. Here in Louisiana I can still agree whole heartedly for reservoirs. However for our natural lakes, no main channel and no creeks. I do think these moons still trigger feeding periods. Meaning, the February moon is hard core prespawn and the September moon is hard core winter prep..
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