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Started by Wizard, August 08, 2021, 03:53:49 PM

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On my last trip to the lake before hip surgery, a couple of the condo owners who are "pros", were on the ramp looking at their boat. I had been crappie fishing most of the day with Chad Morgenthaler's dad.  The pros seemed pissed about their boat. We asked if they needed some help and were told the motor was stuck in he UP position. They had spent $120 to get towed to the ramp. They were also irritated that the tow operator seemed to be having some fun at their expense. John looked at me and said, "I'll do it".  He went to their Yamaha motor and hit the motor release. The motor gently settled into the down position. The "pros" just looked at the motor coming down and said nothing as John returned to the golf cart.  We didn't laugh or chuckle until we entered my condo.  Just in case we have new boat owners on UB, outboards have a motor release to lower it if the tilt doesn't work.


Mike Cork

That's funny  ~roflmao

My motor is several years old now and I've got lots of experience around it. But I've seen this kind of issue at the ramp before. Sometimes a quick tap on the rely can get you going again too.

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I had that issue last year and a quick call to the mechanic and I was up and running. Since then bought a new relay.
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And it only cost him $120 for that individual training class

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