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Daiwa Elite Pitch and Flip

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Bud Kennedy

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A while back I asked a question about this reel and FlatsNBay responded with a couple of reports about his.  The reports were good but he did make reference about getting the reel set up for use.  Overall he appears to be very pleased with his purchase. 

I still am thinking about getting one but since I am a bit on the cheap side, I like to be sure because like flats this would be my most expensive purchase for a reel.  My current question is about how effective is this reel for pitching weightless plastics.  It does not have an sv spool but it does have a mag force braking system.  I can pitch and flip with my SVTW reels but the Pitch and Flip is not an SV.  Does anyone else have any more information about how the reel handles very light weight baits?

Mike Cork

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I do not own one nor have a fished with one. I have a fishing friend who is on the cheap when it comes to reels because he is on a small fixed retirement budget. That said he saved and bought one. He absolutely loves it. Now I know he fishes a lot of wacky rig stuff, wether or not he's tried to fish a whacky rig with this bait I do not know. Pitching is about all we do around here, so I'll hem him up on this the next time I see him.
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I only have the Elite long cast model (which I love), so I can't comment on the pitch and flip model.

However, if you have the money to buy a reel, you can always buy one and try it out. If you don't like it, sell it and try something else. We're talking about a fishing reel here, not a car.
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Most retailers have a pretty generous return policy and if I'm disappointed in a purchase of that magnitude, I just return it for a refund. I think the real fear is liking the reel so much that you have to buy more than one.  ;D
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