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Casting the Current

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Bud Kennedy

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I am a real fan of Ott Defoe.  Ott has produced some videos all about river fishing that are very informative and ultra easy to watch

My normal fishing water is in a tidal river mostly lined with Cypress Trees that make the color of the water nearly black.  Visibility is seldom more than 6" on any day. 

River fishing is quite different from the standpoint the river bass are really mobile and have to be hunted each time you visit the river.  Traditional habitats that you find on a lake are quite different on a tidal river.  You won't find fish hanging tight on wood or grass in our water.  Biggest reason is there is no grass.  If you cast into wood think you will scare up a bass you would be mostly mistaken.  River bass like to move to the current break to do their feeding.    At the same time some folks believe that your casts should be worked with the tide from upstream to down stream.  The real fact is that the cast really need to be worked by quartering the current break but towards the upstream target.  Fish on are river are also known to hold on the many humps on the river bottom .  There are a lot of depth changes and depths from 8ft to 30 ft are not uncommon.  These changes by the way are fairly abrupt.  Some our best opportunities are located at the mouth of creeks and rivers and can often contain signiticant baitfish but seldom will you see bass chasing..  So it is just a different world for my fiishing haunts but I am still trying to figure it out. 

Mike Cork

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Fishing the black water is truly different. I got to experience it when fishing with the Lock Jaw bass club down in southern Louisiana. Crazy how the water isn't muddy yet a bait disappears almost instantly. Definitely makes it challenging.
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A couple of weeks ago I was fishing a hollow bellied frog and was bringing it with the current. The thing that I noticed that actually bothered me a little was when I paused the frog, the current created a little slack in the line. Any fish that would hit during the pause would cause me to catch up by quickly reeling up the slack in the line before setting the hook.

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