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Started by Midwest Fisherman, November 10, 2021, 11:41:50 AM

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Midwest Fisherman

Hello All, I recently purchased a 2021 ZXR21 Skeeter in May of this year.  Just wondering if anyone out there has one? What do you like/dislike about it?  My trade in was a 2002 518VX Ranger that had 1020 hours on it. I can tell you that the Skeeter is by far a much smoother ride. That extra 2 foot sure makes a difference. My only complaint is that there is no way to track hours of operation. You would think there would be an hour meter on the boat for the price you have pay. Especially in Skeeter's advertisement that states maintenance matters.  I am in the process of installing a NEMA 2000 system that will allow my Helix 12 G4N graph to read engine systems.  I would like hear what other people think of this boat. Thanks!     


Way above my pay grade. Can't you mount an aftermarket hour meter?
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I haven't been in a skeeter in years. but always liked the ride. I hear that the new ones are far better rides and control.
The question is do you like it?
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Welcome aboard and congratulations on the new ride.  ~c~ I have a buddy who used to own one, but it was a bit older. It was fast and very stable in a straight line, but it would get loose easy. That might have been motor/prop setup, I don't know. 
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Midwest Fisherman

Yes I could mount an hour meter. The hour was 87 dollars. For about 100.00 dollars more. I got a NEMA starter kit and the Yamaha engine interface cable, along with the adapter cable for the Helix 12G4N. This way I can read oil pressure, water pressure, hours, water temperature and some items that I have forgot. I thought this was worth the money. Yes I love the boat. It handles very well especially in rough water.